Equipping You To Excel In Today's Digital Economy

MetaVest allows you to digitize securities on the Blockchain and automate back-office operations in order to raise capital faster while reducing operational costs.
private capital markets

Digitize Your Investment Offerings

Collaborate With Stakeholders

Reduce Administrative Overhead

Grow Your Client Base & Increase Revenue

Remove Friction & Reduce Costs

MetaVest allows you to streamline client onboarding, reporting, & payments so you can scale your business effortlessly. Digital assets minimize operational burden through smart contracts, where the terms of an agreement are programmable and thereby automated.
digital asset management

Grow Your Client Base

MetaVest automates cap table management thus making private asset management highly scalable regardless of the number of investors involved.

Leverage Data & Discover Trends

Take the guesswork out of business decisions. With real-time analytics, you always have your finger on the pulse. Know how your business is performing and where your clients are looking to stay ahead of the curve.
digital asset management

Build Trust Through Transparency

Forget about manual reconciliation and data inconsistency. Access & share a verifiable & immutable record of ownership and transaction history stored on the Blockchain.

Work Better, Together.

Bring all your internal & external stakeholders together on a single platform to efficiently collaborate on projects & offerings. Don’t have the right resources? Find professionals & companies through MetaConnect.



Find the right partners to structure your investment offering so you can raise capital faster.


Service Providers

Build your online presence and tap into new business opportunities. 



Discover investment opportunities that align with you & connect with other investors.

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